KDSClick -  CONTA-CLIP VERBINDUNGSTECHNIK GMBH  -  KDS Click Cable entry system by Conta-Clip


A frame | An inlay | A seal.

The modular design of these three basic components guarantees maximum versatility, variability and variety.

1. Frame

Made from a single mould, the one-piece frame is quick and easy to assemble. It is made of sturdy, glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The foamed seal guarantees an optimal seal with IP66 protection, even on painted or rough surfaces.

2. Inlay

The click-in inlays allowfor a requirements-based dimensioning of the frame opening for the seal being used. Anaudible "click" confirms a correct installation. So you can variably configure cable entries tomatch various requirements (for cables, lines, tubing, pneumatic and hydrauliclines).

3. Seal

The seal’s tapered shapeallows it to be easily pressed in; it reliably seals the gaps and provides strain reliefworking towards accordance with DIN EN 62444. The seals are installed by pressing themfrom the inside outwards into the openings of the previously installed inlays. Theirwave-cut profile makes them easy to install and ensures a perfect fit around the cables.

There are currently 82different seals that can be used for sealing cables of various diameters and sizes.

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