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  • Leiindia Pvt Limited is Authorized Distributor of Castel Safety

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Sometimes misspelled as Casel Locks or Castel lock or Castle Lock but the original spelling is Castell Locks.

Castell Interlocks / Pad Locks.

Established in 1922, Castell have been in the safety industry for over 80 years. Castell create customized solutions to solve any of your needs. Castell's Product development is inspired by close industry relations. Castell  not only adhere to current OSHA and ANSI regulations, but work to provide the safest possible environment.  Castell has been a key part of the safety industry since its very creation.

      Castell Catalog includes :

  • Mechanical Bolt Interlocks
  • Control Power Isolation Interlocks
  • Main Power Isolation Interlocks
  • Access Interlocks
  • Solenoid Controlled Interlocks
  • Time Delay and Motion Sensing Units
  • Valve Interlocks
  • Key Exchange Units
  • Keys and Caps