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Product Specification
Product Access Interlock
Manufacturer Castell Safety International
Lock portion type FS (Also Available in Q style. Please see attached image 2)
Material Brass (Also Available in Stainless Steel)
Handing 1 (Please see attached image 3)
Symbols/Engraving FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Product Datasheet
1 AI-FSAL-1 

Castell Single Key Access Interlock (AI-FSAL-1) Application : 

A typical application of the AI Single Key AccessInterlock is machine guarding with part body access.

The AI is used as a part of a safety system, whichensures a machine is shut down, before access to the hazardous area is allowed.The system involves a KS key switch that breaks the machine safety circuit,when the key is removed. The key can then be taken to the AI Access Interlockto enable access to the machine. The machine cannot be restarted until the dooris closed, the bolt is replaced and the key is removed and taken to the KS keyswitch



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