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Product Specification
Material Brass
Lock portion type FS
Handing 1
Symbols/Engraving Up to 3 characters (Digits) and need to be Confirm by Customer
Product Note
Lock portion type Castell Locks are available in FS & Q style. Please refer the attached image(2) for the same.
Handing 1 = left hinged door (bolt enters left) 2 = right hinged door (bolt enters right) Please refer the attached image (3)
Symbols/Engraving for FS style 1) select up to 3 characters 2) any alpha- (A-Z) and numeric (0-9) configurations 3) do not use letter O, use Zero instead 4)do not use lower case 5)for spacing as a character advise TABLET (submaster key)* 5) 47,988 code options available
Symbols/Engraving for Q style 1)Select up to 6 characters 2)Any alpha- (A-Z) and numeric (0-9) configurations 3)Additional, non alphanumeric characters available: (*), (/), (-) and (_) 4)Do not use letter O, use Zero instead 5)Do not use lower case 6)Over 3,6 billion code options

Castell  AI Access Interlock :

The Castell AI / MAI is single key access interlock suitable for use on hinged and sliding doors. 
The interlock has an open cavity design and is manufactured in a durable stainless steel or in a zinc alloy (mazak, MAI). The locks are ideal for use in harsh or corrosive environments, or where the lock is subject to heavy usage. Typical industries using the AI / MAI are food, chemical, quarrying and aggregates, steel and pharmaceutical.

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