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Electronics,Electrical and Industrial Components are in need both in daily life as well asfor mass and commercial manufacturing. It would be both ideal and convenient ifwe can get all of the above at just one store and at one stop. This is whereyour search ends.


LEI INDIAS is your one stop shop for all your electronics,electrical and industrial component needs. With an offering of only warranted and traceablecomponents at reasonable prices, LEI INDIAS is pathpaver for this specific vertical.


Pioneered in the year 2013, LEI INDIAS soon went onto become the game changer in the product distribution of Electronics,Electrical and Industrial Components sector. The company is steadfast in itsbelief that quality is of utmost importance alongside timely delivery andtrustworthy warranted and traceable products.


As devoutbeliever in providing unsurpassed service and a commitment towards deliveringtopnotch products on time, it is not surprising that they have clients fromacross the globe. With a proven track record of providing innovative andvalue-for-money services, LEI INDIAS is a name tobe reckoned with.


A companysuch as LEI INDIAS is bound to have a strong andcompetent workforce that utilizes the best of resources to provide qualityservice to customers across the globe. An excellent blend of intelligentteamwork, steadfast commitment to excellence and unwavering leadership has resultedin exponential growth of the company alongside cultivating long-lastingrelationships with clients.

Sourcingproducts, be it electronics, electrical or industrial is tedious task as a lotof factors like quality, timely delivery etc comes into play. At LEI INDIAS, these factors are guaranteed as all productscan be sourced at your fingertips with ensured quality, prompt delivery timeand excellent customer service. The company believes in providing you with ahassle-free experience with a quick turnabout time and ensured reliability; allthis at some of the country’s most competitive prices.

# Cable Wire Harness Assembly

As a one of the best cable wire harness manufacturers in India, LEI INDIAS has an integrated manufacturing facility that manufactures and supplies custom wire harness across the healthcare, aerospace and automotive sectors. Our manufacturing facility has qualified and experienced staff to fulfill every custom Wiring harness / Cable wire harness design need.

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