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  • Product Code: FS-1B-CW-45-9.5-22
  • Product name : FS1B-CW-45-9.5-22 Castell Locks
  • Manufacturer Castell Safety International Ltd
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Product Specification
Product Castell Trapped Key Interlock
Product Type Switchgear Interlock
Manufacturer Castell Safety International Ltd
Lock portion type FS (Also Available in Q style. See attached Picture 2)
Material Brass (Also Available in Stainless Steel)
Mounting Position 1=45° clockwise (Also available anticlockwise. See attached Pictures)
Spigot square profile 9.5 = 9.5 x 9.5 mm (standard)
Rotational movement 45° clockwise
Spigot length 22 = 22 mm (standard)
Product Datasheet
1 FS-1B-CW-45-9.5-22 
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI Indias is an Authorised Distributor of Castell Safety International Ltd

Application Castell FS Locks:

 The FS/Q Castell Safety locks (FS1B-CW-45-9.5-22) are used to ensure that multiple supplies are not applied to common bus bars. The FS and Q Castell switchgear Interlocks are designed for use as a mechanical interlock for electrical switchgear. This is done through a mechanical connection to the isolation equipment. The FS/Q switchgear interlocks should be used as part of an integrated safety system

Operation : When all incomers are closed the bus bars are open.

To close a bus bar, first the incomers must be switched to open.

In the show is application to close Bus 1, either incomer AA or AB must be opened. The key is removed from either AA or AB connection and is then inserted into the bus switch A_ (A BLANK).

To close Bus 2, either incomer AB or BB must be opened and the key AB or BB transferred to the switch _B


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