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  • Product Code: KC-FSB-4-19.1-55-28.9
  • Product name : KC-FSB-4-19.1-55-28.9 KC Claw Interlock
  • Manufacturer Castell Safety International Ltd
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    KC-FSB-4-19.1-55-28.9 KC Claw Interlock
  • KC-FSB-4-19.1-55-28.9 KC Claw Interlock
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI Indias is an Authorised Distributor of Castell Safety International Ltd

The KC Lock is a key operated mechanical bolt interlock suitable for the control electrical switchgear. 

The standard unit comes with a 16mm diameter bolt fitted with a claw, that is used to control the rotation or movement of operating handles or toggles of electrical switchgear. The bolt length and claw dimensions are variable to suit the particular requirement. 

The lock is manufactured in brass or stainless stell making it ideally suited to use in harsh or corrosive environments.

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