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  • Product Code: Medical Wire Harness
  • Product name: Medical Wire Harness
  • Manufacturer: LEI INDIA
  • Warranty: Manufacturing Defects Only
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  • Ship From: Pune, India
  • MPN: LEI-WH-2021-002
Contact: 020 41255071
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Lei Indias is a Customized and specialized Medical Wire Harness manufacturer.

LEI Indias also provide cable and wiring harness services with Binder connectors, specially designed and made for medical applications.

Check out Binder Connectors for Medical Applications

Lei Indias Medical Wire Harness manufacturing facility has SIX Sigma certified and SIX Sigma trained Engineers and experienced staff to fulfill every custom Wire harness design need.

We provide Medical Wire Harness Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra India, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gujarat, Baroda, Chennai etc in India. We also Export to European counties and Gulf Counties

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