Binder Miniature Connectors

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Binder Miniature Connectors
Binder Miniature Connectors RangeSeriesDegree of protectionVoltageCurrentNo. of contacts
Snap-in Miniature Connectors720IP6760/250 V2–7 A3–12
Bayonet Miniature Connectors678IP4060/250 V1–7 A2–24
Bayonet NCC Miniature Connectors770IP67175 V2 A8
Push-Pull Miniature Connectors440IP6760/250 V3–7 A3–19
M16 IP40 Miniature Connectors581 · 680 · 682IP4060/250 V1–7 A2–24
M16 IP67 Miniature Connectors423 · 723 · 425IP6760/250 V1–7 A2–24

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