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Product Specification
Product Cores-Toroids
Product Type Nanocrystalline
Product Category Vitroperm
Product Description Core Toroids / core Rings CORE 40x25x15 Power Nano
Technical Specification
Frequency Range 10 kHz
Inductance 23 µH
RoHS Yes
Limiting Dimensions (in mm)
Inside Diameter (Di) 22.5
Outside Diameter (Da) 42.3
Outside Height (H) 17.3
Product Datasheet
1 T60004-L2040-W433 



T60004-L2040-W433 (T60004L2040W433). For the supply of electrical devices and equipments in the industrial range today almost exclusively switched mode power supplies, which supply one or more DC output voltages, are used. Different converter principles are in use, depending upon the power range .

1.     Flyback converters (to approx. 500 W),  

2.     single ended forward transformers (to approx. 1000 W) or 

3.     push-pull converters (up to the kW range) are common.

Particularly for push-pull converters, toroidal tape-wound cores made of the nanocrystalline material VITROPERM are recommended. Advantages over ferrites are achieved by the substantially higher induction swing (high Bs) in connection with low hysteresis losses: lower weight, smaller volume, higher efficiency and an extended temperature range (to 120 °C) with negative coefficient. The advantages mentioned are the more distinctive, the larger the transferred power is.

Main fields of application are (particularly apart from the power supplies of medium power) kilowatt power supplies for traction applications, e.g. battery chargers, frequency converters or solar inverters. Additional fields of application are within almost all ranges of industrial power supplies in the KW range, where increasingly IGBT technology is used.

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