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  • Product Code: T60006-E4017-W537
  • Product name : T60006-E4017-W537
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Product Specification
Product Cores-Toroids
Product Type Nanocrystalline
Product Description Core Toroids / core Rings CORE 17.5x12.5x6 MagAmp Amorph
Product Category Vitroperm
Technical Specification
RoHS Yes
Limiting Dimensions (in mm)
Inside Diameter (Di) 10.9
Outside Diameter (Da) 19.1
Outside Height (H) 8.1
Product Datasheet
1 T60006-E4017-W537 


T60006-E4017-W537 (T60006E4017W537) VITROVAC 6025 Z - AMORPHOUS CORES FOR MAGAMPS:

Magnetic Amplifiers (MagAmps) made of amorphous and nanocrystalline tape-wound cores are worldwide well established for precise output voltage regulation in PC- and Server Switched Mode Power Supplies, as well as Telecom and Industrial Power Supplies.

VITROVAC® 6025 Z and nanocrystalline VITROPERM® 500 Z cores feature a highly square hysteresis loop, lowest coercivity and lowest losses. VITROPERM can be used up to an upper operational limit temperature of 120 °C.

All of these properties result in numerous advantages in application:

1.     very good dynamic switching and very accurate regulation properties

2.     small reset currents

3.     low heat-up

4.     very high efficiency

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