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T60006-E4017-W537 (T60006E4017W537) VITROVAC 6025 Z - AMORPHOUS CORES FOR MAGAMPS:

Magnetic Amplifiers (MagAmps) made of amorphous and nanocrystalline tape-wound cores are worldwide well established for precise output voltage regulation in PC- and Server Switched Mode Power Supplies, as well as Telecom and Industrial Power Supplies.

VITROVAC® 6025 Z and nanocrystalline VITROPERM® 500 Z cores feature a highly square hysteresis loop, lowest coercivity and lowest losses. VITROPERM can be used up to an upper operational limit temperature of 120 °C.

All of these properties result in numerous advantages in application:

1.     very good dynamic switching and very accurate regulation properties

2.     small reset currents

3.     low heat-up

4.     very high efficiency

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