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T60006-L2009-W914 (T60006L2009W914) 

VAC- VITROPERM cores are available with different AL-levels for many core sizes. Thus, saturation-resistant solutions are available for various fields of applications. If the common mode currents exceed the saturation currents (Icm) of the cores or chokes, cores with higher saturation resistance must be used. High al values (high μ) are more suitable for typical single-phase applications with low unbalanced current (e.g. switched-mode power supplies), while cores with ower AL values are often used in 3-phase applications with high unbalanced currents (e.g. frequency converters with long motor cables).

The high permeability of the nanocrystalline core material achieves superior characteristics at low and middle frequencies, as well as in the high frequency range, when an optimized winding arrangement is chosen.

Common Mode Chokes with toroidal tape wound cores of VITROPERM® allow the effective attenuation of asymmetrical and conducted high frequency noise. 

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