6. ABB Tmax MCCB distributors LEI Indias

LEI Indias offers ABB Tmax moulded case circuit breakers with following series and current ranges from 1 A to 3200 A. They are available in 3 pole and 4 pole versions. 

Sr. No 


Current Range 


XT1, XT2, XT3, XT4 

Upto 250 A 


T4, T5, T6 

1000 A 


T7, T8 

3200 A 


Why ABB Tmax? 

  1. Compact in size 
  2. Easy to install 
  3. More efficiency 
  4. Improved performance 
  5. Higher level of safety 


Typical application areas for ABB Tmax: 

  1. Safety and protection of motors 
  2. Critical applications up to 1150 VAC and 1500 V DC 
  3. Switch disconnects 
  4. Power distribution AC and DC 
  5. Zone selectivity 


This makes ABB Tmax a preferred choice. All the Tmax circuit breakers can be used with wide range of accessories. Additionally it helps in reduction on inventory and offering a flexible solution. 

Please contact LEI Indias for all your requirements of ABB Tmax circuit breakers. 

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Why LEI Indias? 

  1. Offering sales and service 24*7. Anywhere and everywhere in India 
  2. Fastest response to your inquiries 
  3. Rich industry knowledge and experience 
  4. Flexible approach 
  5. Strong support from ABB for all the technical matters 
  6. Customer centric approach 


LEI Indias are the authorised channel partners of ABB for Low Voltage Switchgears ! 

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