4. ABB Jokab Safety and process lock Knox

Knox is a double lock that complies with the highest safety level (two lock cylinders with monitored positions) that can be used both as a safety and process lock. The locking function is electrically controlled and is bi-stable, i.e. it retains its position(unlocked/locked) in the event of a power failure. Dual signal for unlocking is safe at both short-circuits and cable breaks.

The handles operate as they would on a normal door but the exterior handle also have a reset function, why a separate reset button is not necessary and the interior handle that can be used for emergency opening also in locked state. The design and durability of the lock mean that it is ideal for harsh environments as the sensors are non-contact and the lock is manufactured of stainless steel. Knox is available in a number of adaptations such as left-hung door, right-hung door, inward and outward opening, with manual unlocking and for sliding door.

– Safe locking of door to a cell/line with long stopping time.
– Prevents unintentional interrupts of processes

– Double locking function as specified in PL e/Cat.4(EN ISO 13849-1)
– Withstands harsh environments
– Status information with LEDson the lock and at cable connection.
– Controlled in locked and unlocked positions - position power failure.
– Electronic connection only on the door frame.
– Robust design

Abb Jokab Knox in 4 different states