celduc® relais

Founded in 1964 in Sorbiers, where we are still located, by Michel Guichard, an engineer with a passion for electricity, Constructions Electriques du Centre started out by manufacturing electrical coils of all sizes, from the smallest for the telecommunications industry, to the largest for the power generation sector.

With nearly 200 full-time employees in 4 countries on 3 continents, the Groupe celduc® and its subsidiaries celduc® transfo and celduc® relais is a leading player in the global market for industrial automation, magnetic proximity sensors and power transformers.

celduc® relais are recognised in nearly 60 countries with an established network of sales subsidiaries, specialist distributors and experienced representatives. At celduc® relais, celduc® relais are the experts in solid state relays and magnetic sensors, and every year, celduc® relais are proud to manufacture more than 1 million relays which are sold worldwide, helping to promote French industrial expertise and “100% made in France” quality.

celduc® relais comply with the usual standards (CE, UL, CSA, VDE, TÜV) and others (ATEX, MIL-STD, EAC, S-Mark).

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