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  • Product Code: SC500-14 SMART CHARGER
  • Product name: Deutronic SmartCharger Series
  • Manufacturer: Deutronic
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Technical Specification
Datasheet Deutronic SmartCharger Series  
Product Specification
Application Designed for Pb and LiFePO4 batteries: High-precision cable compensation Power Up Mode: to be able to connect deeply discharged LiFePO4 batteries again (provided that the integrated electronics in the batteries give permission)
Product Manual
Deutronic LEI INDIAS are Authorised Deutronic Distributors in INDIA

The Deutronic SmartCharger Series is designed for the charging and maintenance of lead-acid based and LiFePO4 batteries.

With its adaptive charging and maintenance algorithm the charger is perfect for the use in automotive showrooms and workshops. The robust and closed housing also allows the use in automotive workshops.

Adaptive and dynamic charge algorithm and monitoring algorithm:

Long-term charging modes are optimised for the requirements in showrooms

Dynamic adjustment according to battery and load situation 

Optimised usability:

Battery state of charge and process (e.g. supply mode) will be displayed via RGB LEDs

The last active mode will be rebuilt after a power failure



12V (14,4V nom.) output voltage

Extensive protection and self-protection functions

Short circuit and reverse polarity protection

Protection of the on-board electronic system / airbag

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