MPE-Garry Connectors

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MPE-Garry Connectors

MPE Garry Connectors

"Since its inception in 1974, MPE Garry ( ) has focused on the design and manufacture of connector systems. The product range focuses on "device to board", "board to board" and "wire to board" connectors such as IC sockets, pin and socket strips in all common pitches, FFC / FPC connectors, USB connectors, modular jacks, Plug connectors according to DIN 41622 and appliance connectors and appliance boxes. Technical support, excellent product quality, perfect service and a high degree of flexibility are our focus."

MPE-Garry Connectors cater the electronic industries in Pinheaders sockets range from 0,5 up to 7,5 mm pitch, Connectors for FFC/FPC, IC-sockets

Connectors for Power- and Signal Transmission, high performance power connectors and many more..

High Density Connector 0,50 mm Series 216

Code: High Density Connector 0,50 mm Series 216Brand: MPE-Garry
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