Electrolytic Capacitors

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Electrolytic Capacitors

Capacitors made in Germany

Frolyt Capacitors ( made in Germany now available in India exclusively through Lei India.

Following are some of the standard capacitors types available -

  • SMD-electrolytic-capacitor for general and special applications (vibration-stable) with one-side solder pads for surface montage.
  • Radial electrolytic-capacitors with one-side connection wires for general and special applications.
  • Axial electrolytic-capacitor with two-sides connection wires for general and special applications.
  • electrolytic-aluminum-capacitor for surface montage with lead-free Reflow-Soldering for high requirements
  • Large Capacitance Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors with Screw terminals
  • Electrolyte cup capacitors are also available as motorstart capacitors with high-capacity and energy density according to your specifications.
  • The space saving variant for your circuit board! We supply the L-C combination fitted to your conditions. By combining the single components of capacitor and coil we offer a compact design. Take advantage of a placement process for two components.

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