Electrolytic Capacitors

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Electrolytic Capacitors

Capacitors made in Germany

Frolyt Capacitors ( made in Germany now available in India exclusively through Lei India.

Following are some of the standard capacitors types available -

  • SMD-electrolytic-capacitor for general and special applications (vibration-stable) with one-side solder pads for surface montage.
  • Radial electrolytic-capacitors with one-side connection wires for general and special applications.
  • Axial electrolytic-capacitor with two-sides connection wires for general and special applications.
  • electrolytic-aluminum-capacitor for surface montage with lead-free Reflow-Soldering for high requirements
  • Large Capacitance Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors with Screw terminals
  • Electrolyte cup capacitors are also available as motorstart capacitors with high-capacity and energy density according to your specifications.
  • The space saving variant for your circuit board! We supply the L-C combination fitted to your conditions. By combining the single components of capacitor and coil we offer a compact design. Take advantage of a placement process for two components.

Browse through below displayed products to buy Electrolytic Capacitors online, with the most reasonable cost and best in industry lead time. LEI INDIA offers authentic products with competitive prices, and reasonable lead time and deliver in India or Anywhere in the world. Being Authorised Electrolytic Capacitors Distributor, LEI India only sell new and original Electrolytic Capacitors sourced directly from the Manufacturer. If you feel a certain Electrolytic Capacitors is required for your use and you do not find that on this page/website, no worries just contact us at [email protected] and we will reach you in no time.

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