Fischer Elektronik ( product range contains devices and complete cooling systems for dissipating semi-conductors as well as heatsinks

  • Extruded profiles: extruded heatsinks, extruded heatsinks with solder pins, fin coolers, fluid coolers, high-performance heatsinks.

  • Heatsinks for processors and LED: heatsinks and fan coolers for universal PGA/BGA, DIL, PLCC, Intel Pentium Xeon, Intel Pentium IV, heatsinks for LED

  • Board level heatsinks: finger-shaped heatsinks, heatsinks for transistors in plastic case, attachable heatsinks, small heatsinks, copper heatsinks for D PAK and others

  • Cooling aggregates: miniature cooling aggregates, heatsink cooling aggregates, high capacity cooling aggregates, multi module cooling aggregates, hollow-fin aggregates.

  • Accessories for electronic components: mounting parts for heatsinks, thermal transfer compound, thermally conductive material, aluminium oxide and mica wafers, silicone washers, guide rails, solder stop plug, clip fastening for mounting rail

Transistor heatsinks by Fischer Elektronik

Brand: Fischer Elektronik
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