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Product Specification
Product Castell Trapped Key Interlocks
Product Type Multi Key Powersafe Electrical Switch
Manufacturer Castell Safety International
Mounting F = Front of board mount, with enclosure (Also available without Enclosure)
Isolation 20A (Standard)
Material Brass (Also Available in Stainless Steel)
Key Condition D=Double Key Condition (Also available in E=Exchange Key Condition)
Contacts Arrangement in Normal Position C/O = no/nc arrangement
Secondary lock portions 1S=1 Secondary Lock (Also Available in 2,3,4,5,6 secondary locks)
No of Contacts 4
Lock Portion Symbol (Primary Key ) FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Lock Portion Symbol (Secondary Key ) FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Product Datasheet
1 KSE20-FSB-1S-F-D-CO4 
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI Indias is an Authorised Distributor of Castell Safety International Ltd


A typical application of Castell Trapped Key Interlock KSE powersafe electrical switch is machine guarding. It is usually used in combination with an access interlock such as the Salus for part body access or an access interlock with an exchange key for full body access control.

A typical system will isolate machinery and control access to hazardous areas. Inserting the power isolation key in the KSE unit changes the condition of the electrical supply to the machine to a safe condition and enables the release of the personnel keys. These keys are then used to unlock the AIE double key access interlocks. The guards can only be opened when the electrical supply has been switched into a safe condition and only once all the keys have been returned to the KSE interlock can the machine be restarted.

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