Lutronic, set up for international operations in 2016, is specialized in actuator/sensor wiring solutions in automation. The company’s connectivity solutions also include the matching passive distribution boxes. The product range is rounded off by LED lights. In a second business unit, the company has been marketing feeding systems for machinery and equipment since 2018.

The company shares in the specific know-how of Lumberg Group. Lumberg established the M12 circular connector as a global standard in the early 80s. Based on this, Lutronic develops and distributes as a sister company of Lumberg Group, quality M8 and M12 circular connectors for signal, data and power applications intended for customized uses.

The Lumberg Group’s compressed know-how is also behind the feeding systems. Designed and produced by Lumberg Group’s mechanical engineering at its factory in Cloppenburg, whose roughly 220 specialists typically realize sophisticated solutions exclusively for its in-house production of assembly technology dedicated to everything from feeding technology to entire production systems, Lutronic will handle the exclusive marketing of special feeder solutions with immediate effect.

A variety of actuator/sensor wires, one-sided or two-sided with overmolded A-coded connectors, with M8/M12 threaded joint according to IEC 61076-2-104/101, IP67 or as an M8 with a snap joint, IP65 are available, as are M8/M12 sockets, optionally even with LED. This is rounded off by passive M8/M12 actuator/sensor distribution boxes with LED; 4, 8, or even 10-port for M8 (all in IP67) with a central cable or M12 connection. Both the M12 4-port and M12 8-port versions accommodate single or double assignment per output. M8 and M12 panel mount connectors are also available for front-side mounting with strands, or backwall mounting for printed circuit boards.

Following the demand in automation, Lutronic’s product range even features high-performance LED lights for mechanical engineering with a solid aluminum casing and frosted tempered glass, IP67, with M8 connectors. The available performance levels of these LED lights made in Germany range between 4 W for 160 mm in length up to 24 W in 860 mm length.

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