Vero Technologies Circuit Boards

Vero Technologies Circuit Boards

LEI INDIAS are the Authorised Distributors of Vero Technologies.

Vero Technologies ( have established in the year 1967 and Head Quartered at The UK.

Vero Technologies are the world known manufacturers Veropins, Vero Boards, Enclosures.

Vero Technologies product range includes PCB Pins, Test Point Pins, Terminal Pins, board attachment types such as barbed, knurled or press-fit retention, including different diameter connection holes, Platic Enclosures, Aluminium Enclosures, Customised Enclosures, Verowire, Wiring Cimbs, Wiring Pens, Circuit Boards, Vero Boards, Back Planes, Proto Boards, PCB Extender with various sizes of boards and various slots or holes.

Typical Applications in the sectors of Wiring and Circuit Board Applications, Short Circuit and Moisture Protection, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics, Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics Microphones.