MPE Garry Connectors B2B/W2B

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MPE Garry  Connectors B2B/W2B

PIN HEADER : Pinheaders, connectors for printed circuit boards, SMD / SMT,  through hole, reflow, wave soldering, wire wrap, press fit versions with precision turned, stamped and formed contacts. Customized connectors.

FEMALE HEADER : Female headers / Socket strips for printed circuit boards for SMD / SMT, through hole, reflow or wave soldering or for wire wrap or press fit termination. All parts are available with stamped, formed or precision turned contacts. Customized connectors.

WIRE TO BOARD : Connectors for wire to board or wire to wire applications. Versions for flat ribbon cables with IDC contacts or crimp contacts. Customized connectors.

POWER CONNECTOR : High current connectors for printed circuit boards in different variations. Customized connectors.

 JUMPER :  Jumper and jumper blocks for all common pitches. Customized connectors.

MPE Garry Connectors B2B/W2B CONTACTS 

MPE Garry Connectors B2B/W2B TOOLS :  Separation tool, crimp tools for spare contacts, other tools.

High Density Connector 0,50 mm Series 216

Code: High Density Connector 0,50 mm Series 216Brand: MPE-Garry
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