Device to Board Connectors

Device to Board Connectors

MPE Garry IC-SOCKETS, CARRIERS : IC-Sockets, carrier solutions and socket strips in all common pitches. Available with precision turned, stamped and formed contacts. Customized connectors.

MPE Garry PIN-ADAPTOR, SPECIAL PIN HEADER : Pin-adaptor for IC-Sockets in different pitches and surfaces. Many different contact shapes for wire soldering as an option. Customized connectors.

MPE Garry PGA-SOCKET and CARRIER : PGA Sockets and carrier for all common layouts and pitches with precision turned contacts for trough hole, SMD / SMT and wire wrap termination. 

MPE Garry PLCC-SOCKETS : PLCC sockets according JEDEC MO-047 / MO-052 for SMD / SMT or through hole soldering.

MPE Garry Device to Board Connectors TOOLS : Separation tool, crimp tools for spare contacts, other tools.