EMC Components

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EMC Components

MPE Garry provide solutions for the electromagnetic compatibility of your systems and equipment. A broad selection of different conductive gaskets, shielding plates and mains filters will provide a perfect solution for your application.

The EMC gaskets are produced individually to customer specifications. Thus the profile and length of the gasket is freely selectable. Even ready-made gasket frames are available. MPE Garry mains filters combine a filter element with an EN60320 power Inlet particularly compact and efficiently.

Versions with switch or fuse holder are available optional.

EMI SHIELDING COVERS : EMI screening covers for printed circuit boards, available in a wide range of sizes and types. Ideal to shield certain parts of electronic equipment only.

EMC GASKETS : EMC-gaskets are a very cost effective solution to close gaps on housings according EMC regulations. All our gaskets can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions also at self-adhesive version. Different core material results in a wide range of rigidity.

CONNECTOR GASKETS : The series connector gaskets are die-cut gaskets for EMI shielding and for grounding of a wide range of connectors. These new connector gaskets are more effective in closing gaps caused by fabrication tolerances and misaligned or irregular surfaces than would be possible with a solid flange design.

FILTER CONNECTORS : D-Sub connectors and Modular jacks with integrated filter solutions.

MOUNTING CLIPS : Mounting clips and pins for Clip-on PCB shielding covers.

LINE FILTERS : Line filter with integrated power inlet optional with fuse holder, rocker switch, voltage selector for solder termination or 6.3 mm fast-on-termination.