MPE-Garry IO Connectors

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MPE-Garry IO Connectors

MPE Garry MICRO T Connectors

Micro-T connectors for high endapplications. Small, light weight, polarisedand highest quality. 

MPE Garry DSUB Connectors

D-Sub connectors in all common variationsincluding water tight versions.

MPE Garry USB Connectors

USB connectors for printed circuit boards inall common variations including multi port. 

MPE Garry MODULAR JACK Connectors

Modular Jacks in all common variations. 

MPE Garry DIN 41622 / 41618 Connectors

Male and female multiport connectorsaccording DIN 41622 including solder- orcrimpcontacts for wire or printed circuitboard termination. 

MPE Garry IO Connectors CONTACTS

Spare contacts for use with our connectors. 

MPE Garry IO Connectors TOOLS  

Separation tool, crimp tools for sparecontacts, other tools.