ABB Jokab Safety Products

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ABB Jokab Safety Products

LEI Indias are authorised dealers and distributors of ABB Jokab Safety.

ABB Jokab Safety are the global experts in machine safety with the premium and intelligent range of machine safety solutions.
ABB Jokab products comply with EN ISO 13849-1 under the The Machinery directive 2006/42/EC.
LEI Indias together with ABB Jokab assures the most reliable solutions for machine safety, personal safety and plant safety
ABB Jokab solutions are designed and offered considering the severity, frequency and possibility of accidents and injuries.
Our trusted safety solutions can be found in Automotive Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Steel Industry, Mining equipment, Hazardous areas. Everywhere and anywhere you need!

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You can get in touch with us @ +91 7410095600
LEI Indias and ABB Jokab Safety offers a safety solution for any environment, climate condition and any safety level.