TOCOS Potentiometers

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TOCOS Potentiometers

LEI INDIAS are the Authorised Distributors of TOCOS-Tokyo Cosmos Electric.

TOCOS ( have established in the year 1957 and Head Quartered at Japan.

Tocos are the world known manufacturers Potentiometers, and They are the proud manufacturers of World’s Smallest Potentiometers.

Tocos product range includes Potentiometers, Angle Sensors for Automotive, Film Heaters for Automotive, Trimmer Potentiometers 6mm square, through-hole, sealed cermet trimmers , Electric Throttle Position Sensors, 4mm/3mm square, SMD sealed cermet trimmers , Panel Control Potentiometer.

Typical Applications in the sectors of Automotive, Construction Machinery, Power Supply, TV Sets, Measuring Equipment, Welding Machines, Speed Control, Belt Conveyer, Medical Equipment, Fish Finder, Mobility Scooter, Amusement Machines, Electric Reel, 2-Way Radios, PCM Recorders, Stereo Microphones.

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