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  • Product Code: ICE PS8000 SCADA Supervision Systems
  • Product name: PS8000 Supervision Systems
  • Manufacturer: ICE
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  • Ship From: Pune India
  • MPN: PS800 - SCADA
Contact: 020 41255071
  • PS8000 Supervision Systems Actual
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ICE LEI INDIAS are Authorised ICE Distributors in INDIA

Process optimisation is at the centre of your concerns and the growing number of connected objects is an opportunity for better management of your substations.
ICE supervision systems can monitor and control all parts of an electrical network. These systems provide load management information in real time

ICE PS8000 -SCADA Highlights:
• Global vision of the whole electrical network
• Trigger protection systems
• Distribution of loads
• Identifies and locates faults

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