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    QS-S (Castell Keys  - Family KEY)
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI INDIAS are the Authorised Distributors of Castell Safety International Ltd
Product Datasheet QS-S (Castell Keys - Family KEY)

Castell Safety International are the experts in Trapped Key Interlocking Technology. LEI Indias are the authorised distributors of Castell Safety International making Indian Process and Power Industry Safer. We would like to present Castell Keys


• A selection of keys is available to suit a range of applications
• Stainless steel, brass and plated range of keys
• Customised coding: SYMBOL (CODE) TO BE ADVISED WHEN ORDERING*: Select up to 6 characters Any alpha-numeric (A-Z) and (0-9) configurations Additional, non-alphanumeric characters available: (*), (/), (-) and (_) Do not use letter O, use zero instead Do not use lower case
• Over 3.6 billion code options available
• Recorded in an internal data base to avoid duplications

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