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  • Product Code: T60403-K5024-X090
  • Product name : T60403-K5024-X090
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Product Specification
Product PLC-Power Line Coupling Transformer
Product Description Transformers Audio & Signal PLC Transf PTH SMD 0.88mH 1:1:2
Technical Specification
Frequency Range 10 kHz to 1000 kHz
Inductance 880 uH
Operating Temperature Range - 40 C to + 85 C
RoHS Yes
Dimensions ( in mm)
Length 13.9 mm
Height 7.6 mm
Width 11 mm
Product Datasheet
1 T60403-K5024-X090 


T60403-K5024-X090 (T60403K5024X090)


Several systems can be used for the data communication withinthe new smart meter products. Aside from wireless connections such as GSM, PLC(powerline communications) systems are becoming increasingly popular.

In many systems, the combined data from several meters issent via PLC to a concentrator for onward transmission to the data managementcentre using GSM technology. VAC Powerline transformers are commonly used inthe meters, concentrators and in the controller units to which electricity, gasand water meters can be connected.

Our PLC products help to ensure the communications technologyis galvanically isolated from the power network whilst faithfully transmittingthe required signal. Our market leading PLC transformers feature a lowdistortion factor, a high excitation level and low design volume. For the mostcommon modulation methods DCSK, FSK and OFDM, VAC offers optimised solutions inits product range for all major PLC chipsets from well-known manufacturers.

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