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Product Specification
Product Board Mount Current Sensors
Product Description Board Mount Current Sensors Current Sensor 100A pri open +/-15V 1000
Technical Specification
Current 100 A
Operating Temperature Range - 40 C to + 85 C
RoHS Yes
Turns Ratio 1:1000
Dimensions ( in mm)
Core Size 8.5 mm X 12.7 mm
Product Datasheet
1 T60404-N4646-X100 



VAC offers five new current sensor series for PCB mounting in which the electronics is integrated. Three of the new series contain their own primary conductors, two series however are made with openings for passing through separate primary conductors.
The patented VAC principle of the compensation sensor with magnetic probe as a zero field detector is distinguished by maximum precision of the current detection. The electronics of the new VAC current sensors are concentrated almost entirely in a new IC, which is a common development with a leading semiconductor manufacturer.

Some of the new types are smaller than previous VAC sensors but all of them offer the detection of high maximum and continuous currents. The new VAC current sensors can be used in many customer applications without adaptations:

·        Variable speed drives

·        Uninterruptible power supplies

·        Welding inverters

·        Switched mode power supplies

·        Photovoltaics

·        There are several advantages over ordinary closed - loop sensors:

·        rated currents of 6 A to 200 A and peak currents up to + 390 A in compact designs

·        types for + 5 Volt power supply with voltage output. optionally internal or external reference voltage

·        types for +/- 12 … 15 Volt power supply with current output

·        very good measuring accuracy, minimum DC offset with very low hysteresis

·        negligible output noise or periodic signal at zero input

·        very low temperature dependence and long-term drift of the output variable

·        low rise time, wide frequency range

·        low-cost constructions

·        compatible dimensions and pinning

·        new reflow - solderable types (paste-to-pin)


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