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  • Product Code: TDR-FSB-F-3D-N/O6-110A
  • Product name : TDR-FSB-F-3D-N/O6-110A (Castell Time Delay Interlocks - Family TDR)
  • Manufacturer Castell Safety International Ltd
  • Stock Qty: InStock
  • Ship From: Pune, India
  • MPN: TDR-FSB-F-3D-N/O6-110A
Contact: +91 7410-095600
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Product Specification
Lock portion type FS (Also Available in Q style. See attached Picture 2)
Mounting F = Front of board mount, with enclosure
Material Brass (Also Available in Stainless Steel) (standard)
Key Condition D = Double key version ( Simultaneous Removal of Keys Required)
Contacts Arrangement in Normal Position N/O6 = 6 contacts, 3NO/3NC arrangement (standard)
Control Voltage 110 / 24 / 240 (standard)
Secondary lock portions 1 = 1 secondary lock portion available as standard version
Current VAC (Also available with VDC)
Lock Portion Symbol (Primary Key ) FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Lock Portion Symbol (Secondary Key ) FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Product Datasheet
1 Castell TDR Interlock 
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI INDIAS are the Authorised Distributors of Castell Safety International Ltd
Product Datasheet TDR-FSB-F-3D-N/O6-110A (Castell Time Delay Interlocks - Family TDR)

Castell Safety International are the experts in Trapped Key Interlocking Technology. LEI Indias are the authorised distributors of Castell Safety International making Indian Process and Power Industry Safer. We would like to present Castell TDR Time Delay Interlock


• Time delay remote unit and heavy duty trapped key interlock
• Switch controlled by a fail-safe timer and solenoid
• Designed to control access to hazardous machines with run down times
• Can be used in high risk applications
• Incorporates a dual channel fail-safe timer, heavy duty continuously rated solenoid, solenoid position monitoring, 20 A electrical switch, front panel lamp indication of solenoid position and timer failure with up to four locks for multiple access applications
• Available with FS or Q type lock portions

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