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Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd (TOCOS) is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in quality potentiometer products for industrial applications. TOCOS have a wide portfolios ranging from potentiometers serving customer needs to electronic components for automotive industry. Leiindia is TOCOS Distributor of potentiometers and Electronic Components.

Tocos Products catalogue

・General catalogue for Potentiometers and Trimmer Potentiometers (PDF 66MB)
・Selection guide(PDF 1.7MB)
・Portable Transceivers(PDF 0.5MB)
・Potentiometers for Electric wheelchairs, Vehicle for disabled persons and Electric cart (PDF 1.3MB)
・TP7 P'GRID Series (PDF 0.6MB)
・RoHS compliant Selector switches catalogue of GS43 series (PDF 0.8MB)
・RSM12C(PDF 0.5MB)
・TP76N00B(PDF 0.2MB)


 Trimmer Potentiometers 



Electronic devices for Automotive applications

Non-contact Angle Sensor

 <TOCOS Heater


 Trimmer Capacitors

 Opto Electronic Devices