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  • Product Code: 1SDA056162R1 - ABB Emax - Low voltage ACB
  • Product name: 1SDA056162R1 - ABB Emax - Low voltage air circuit breakers
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1SDA056162R1 - ABB Emax - Low voltage air circuit breakers

- CT (Rogowski coil) range of 400 - 6300A (E1, E2, E3, E4and E6) with breaking capacity range of 42-150KA
- Configured breakers are now available in E1, E2 andE3 frames
- SACE Emax circuit-breakers and their accessories conform to the international IEC 60947, EN 60947 CEIEN 60947 and IEC 61000 standards and comply with following EC directives “Low Voltage Directive” (LVD)no 73/23 EEC
- “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive” (EMC) nr. 89/336 EEC
- Complete range of common accessories
- Double insulation
- Same height and depth for the whole range
- Protection releases provide complete set of standard protection function, advanced protection functions, measurement functions
- Optional modules (measurements, signalling, communication, wireless com) to upgrade the protection releases
- Neutral protection from OFF to 200%
- Interchangeability of releases
- Low voltage switch disconnectors up to 6300 amps and automatic circuit breakers up to 5000 amps in 1000V DC

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