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  • Product Code: 1SDA080830R1 - ABB Tmax MCCB
  • Product name: 1SDA080830R1 - ABB Tmax - Moulded case circuit breakers
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1SDA080830R1 - ABB Tmax - Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB)

Tmax moulded-case circuit-breakers guarantee an extremely high performance level while being progressively smaller in size, simple to install and able to provide increasingly better safety guarantees for the operator. In addition to being ideal for the secondary distribution of alternate and direct current, they feature dedicated solutions for all application requirements.

Moulded-case circuit-breakers can be used in low voltage civil and industrial installations with 1 to 3200 A operating current.

Tmax circuit-breakers can be equipped with thermomagnetic, magnetic only or electronic trip units; all of which are interchangeable.

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