5. ABB Low Voltage Switchgear – Distributors – LEI Indias

ABB are the world leaders in Low Voltage Switchgear products.

ABB Low voltage switchgears are electrification products. ABB LV products conforms to the requirements of IEC standards, VDE, IS, BS standards, EN specifications and CE marks.

LEI Indias are honoured to be the authorised channel partners of ABB.

ABB Low voltage products ensures controlling, connecting, measuring a huge range of electrical systems.

LEI Indias are catering a wide range of market such as power sector, infrastructure, residential, oil and gas, railways, all types of OEMs all together with consumer and residential sector. Now we will be serving these markets with the extensive range of Low Voltage Switchgears from ABB.

ABB Low Voltage products are offering highest level of safety and reliability which makes them best choice in the market.

LEI Indias believes that communication and fastest response are the most important aspects of business. We strive to achieve it with our 24*7 customer service.

LEI Indias along with the excellent technical knowledge, expertise and experience of ABB are happy to have your inquiries!

Please contact us @ [email protected] and [email protected]

Contact Number: 020 41255071

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