FASTRON Inductors

FASTRON Inductors

LEI INDIAS are the Authorised Distributors of FASTRON Inductors.

FASTRON Group ( have established in the year 1978 and Head Quartered in Germany.

FASTRON Group are the pioneers and global leaders in Inductors Solutions.

FASTRON Group product range includes Chip Inductors for RF Applications, Chip Inductors for Power Applications, Common Mode Filter Chip Inductors, RFID Transponder Coils, Leaded Inductors (Fixed Choke Coils), Suppression Coils, Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils), Wide Band Chokes and Beads, SMD Power Inductors (also Shielded), Strip Wound Cut Cores, Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores, Rod Core Chokes, Toroid Line Chokes, Standard Metal Enclosures.

Typical Applications in the sectors of Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Biomedical etc..

FASTRON Inductors Application Guides
Chip Inductors For RF Applications (Wire Wound - Open)  Chip Inductors For Power Applications (Shielded)  Common Mode Filter Chip Inductors   Transponder Coils (For RFID) 
Leaded Inductors (Fixed Choke Coils)  Suppression Coils  Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils)  Wide Band Chokes And Beads 
SMD Power Inductors (Also Shielded)  Strip Wound Cut Cores  Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores  Rod Core Chokes 
Toroid Line Chokes  Standard Metal Enclosures