Fastron Wire Wound Chip Inductors

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Fastron Wire Wound Chip Inductors
FASTRON wire wound chip inductors are designed particularly for RF applications that require optimal Q on high frequency circuits. Its gold flash pad metallization
provides better solderability for a higher yield in your production. In addition, their encapsulation not only protects the winding but also allows surface mount assembly.
It comes in compact sizes (from 0402 to 1812) available in reel packing. Inductance values between those listed in this catalog are mostly available on request. Ferrite
core versions are also available for selected case sizes for applications which require higher inductances in a smaller case size.

Applications:  Used in LC resonant circuits such as oscillator and signal generators, impedance matching, RF filters etc.
Mobile Telecommunication: GSM, CDMA, TCDMA, cordless phones, 2 way radio
Automotive Subsystems: TPMS, Keyless Entry, Anti-Theft, GPS
Wireless Communication: W-LAN, WIFI, WIMAX, RFID, Bluetooth
Non-magnetic versions for medical imaging applications: ASM series

0402AS - Fastron Wire Wound Chip Inductors

Code: 0402AS - Fastron Wire Wound Chip InductorsBrand: Fastron Group
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