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  • Product Code: Sentry SSR
  • Product name: Sentry SSR - ABB Jokab Safety Relay
  • Manufacturer: ABB Jokab Safety
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ABB Jokab Safety LEI INDIAS are Authorised ABB Jokab Safety Distributors in INDIA

Sentry SSR models are easy-to-use safety relays designed for specific applications such as 1 and 2 channel devices, OSSD devices and two-hand devices. Some of them offer an off-delay function.
Main features
- Up to PL e/SIL3
- Manual or automatic reset selectable by switch on front (SSR models)
- Multi-reset allows one reset button to reset up to 10 safety relays (+24 VDC models with manual reset function)
- Lighting and flashing of the reset button managed by the Sentry safety relay
- Extensive LED indication
- Removable terminal blocks

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