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Product Specification
Product Castell Trapped Key Interlock
Product Type Electronic Time Delay Isolator
Manufacturer Castell Safety International
Lock portion type FS (Also Available in Q style. See attached Picture 2)
Mounting F = Front of board mount, with enclosure
Material Brass (Also Available in Stainless Steel)
Key Condition S = for secodary lock portions, if simultaneous removal of all keys required (Also available with E = for secondary lock portions, if exchange key version required)
Contacts Arrangement in Normal Position N/O6 = 3no/3nc arrangement (contacts closed/opened)
Control Voltage 110 (Also Available with 24, 240 V)
Secondary lock portions 1
Current VAC (Also available with VDC)
Symbols/Engraving FS up to 3 digits / Q up to 6 digits
Castell Safety International Ltd LEI Indias is an Authorised Distributor of Castell Safety International Ltd


The Castell Trapped Key Interlock TDI is designed to operate as part of an integrated safety system, controlling access to hazardous areas to motor driven, high risk applications where a certain rundown time is required before access is granted. When the machine is running, the key of the TDI interlock cannot be removed, preventing access to the hazardous area. To gain access to the machine area, the electrical supply must be switched off by turning the switch to OFF position. When the machine stop sequence is initiated, a signal from the machine control circuits starts the internal timer. After a pre-set time (which must exceed the machine run down time), the timer energizes the solenoid illuminating the green LED. By pushing the green button the key can be released from the TDI unit. This key is taken by the personnel to the AIE access interlock. The machine cannot be restarted until the door is locked closed and the key is returned to the TDI electronic timer.

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